Adriana Silvia

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Adriana Silvia was born in Argentina, she is currently based in Israel, after living in different countries.

Since 1984 she has been working in the plastic field, literature and film, with intervals dedicated to teaching health and human development, conducting scientific research in the area health art that have been recognized and published in several countries. In turn contributes to publications for Latin American Visual Artists Association and Association of Portugal and Europe, writes essays Arts-Madness theme lectured at Universities, Medical Centers and Laboratories for life science research and development; Short Stories young talents of Argentina Society of Writers , Advisor for Culture and diffuser in various provinces of Argentina, advising the Ministry of Finance Create Foundation, National Jury Secretary of Culture of the Nation Argentina, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts in International Representation Conference / dissertations on Art / Culture / medicine. Representative for International Exchange Federal Investment Council, Vice President of Universal Center of Arts Argentina Paraguay, founder of the First House Support different capabilities Mercosur, founder and director of the First House Support Paraguay Art Traves, Director of Cultural Center International Securities Exchange. Instructor - instructor at Herzog Hospital, Hadassah, Jerusalem. Art therapist with twenty nine years of experience with different ethnic population groups.

Many solo exhibitions she has done in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, USA, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, India and Israel.

Nowadays performed selections of exclusive artworks, no copies of the same single one, with artists and institutional certification that confirms the same, She also dedicated to the production of first-rate works

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