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Alize Borshak obtained her BA degree in Arts Communication from “HaMidrasha” - an arts college in Tel Aviv.
In her youth, she studied under the artist Aharon Giladi.
Aliza is a multi-faceted artist, whose pieces feature a wide range of themes. She engages in pure drawing, photography embedded drawing, digitally edited photography and displays, and occasionally dabbles in poetry.
In her work, the artist makes use of different materials – fabric, paper, wood, formica, tin and acrylic glass, as well as a variety of paints – oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and charcoal.
Aliza is a member of the Israeli painters and sculptors association, as well as the “Fruit of Peace” association, which brings together artists from all across the Israeli society.
She has presented both within Israel, and abroad.

Single displays:
1974 – Maimon gallery, Be’er Sheva
1980 – Beit HaAm, Dimona
2002 – Kibbutz Beit Kama
2002 – HaMore center, Be’er Sheva
2004 – Joe Alon museum
2010 – Kibbutz Urim
2010 – HaSifria gallery, Be’er Sheva
2013 – Artists house, Be’er Sheva
2017 – Hasifria gallery, Be’er Sheva
2018 – Beck science center, JerusalemGroup displays:
Geffen house, Haifa
The Israeli Knesset, Jerusalem
Han museum, Ashkelon
Amiad center, Jaffa
Library gallery, Be'er Sheva
Eshkol Pais, Be'er Sheva
Library gallery, Modi'in
Sorgaim hangar, Jaffa
The local television channel in Be'er Sheva has broadcasted two segments showcasing the artist's creations.
The artist also appears in the book "Artists of the Negev", and in the book "Israeli Reality" - no. 9, 2017.Several articles have covered her work, appearing in newspapers and magazines such as "Yediot HaNegev", "Kol Bi" and "Mantra".
14 of her pieces are at the Joe Alon museum, and the rest are a part of private collections.

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