Dima Mogilevsky

National Committee: 
NC Member

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1977. During my childhood, I learned to draw, and spent long hours at my parent's work place – the theater. Backstage, I observed the actors and was amazed by their ability to create a whole world just by changing their facial expressions.
I arrived in Israel as a teenager in high school. I studied programming and was employed as a programmer by a high-tech company.
Although the job required working long hours every day, which left me little time to paint, I began drawing mostly portraits of famous persons, which are easily recognizable. By using a new personal technique that combines visual accuracy and impressionism, I focus on facial expressions that reveal the person’s internal world by using bright colors and the effects of light. This is reminiscent of the actor’s expressions I remember from my childhood.
I try to enables viewers to discover hidden aspects of both themselves and the well-known personalities in my paintings.

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