Menucha Cohn

National Committee: 
NC Member

1982- 1997 - I taught art at the Hofi Hagalil School.
1988 - Graduated from the Hamidrasha School of Art (Beit Berl) as a teacher
           As a senior certified teacher for elementary and junior high schools.
1988 Member of the Appointments Committee.
1990 - I coordinated the appointments committee.
1992 - Concentration of Education.
1995 - Concentration of a young generation.
1998 - First degree at Oranim Academic College for first and sixth grades
          Education and Bible specialization.
1997 - 2009 - In my work at the Savyonim School in Ma'alot I had several positions:
                     The school's leading team.
                     Security Coordinator.
                     Coordinator of the fourth and sixth grade.
                    Responsible for recess and taking place for teachers.
                    Coordinator of coexistence project at the Savyonim School (Jews and Druze).
2015- Master's degree in the Oranim Academic College of Education in the program
           For multidisciplinary teaching.
2016 - Work at the Gordon School in Acre.
2018 Curatorial studies at Seminar Hakibbutzim.

Group exhibitions in which I participat:

- "Enough Violence" - Nahariya Water Museum (curator Miriam Stern).
- Views 2013 Mate Asher Regional Council.
- "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 2.7.2016 The Lake Gallery Raanana (curator Bella Zeichik).
Oz Gallery Karmiel. (Curator Daniel Hatzbani) -
The Laundry Gallery "Gesher HaZiv" (Curator Menucha Cohen).-
- "You are sanctified to me - my land!" 10-11-2016 at the Rubinstein House in Tel Aviv (curator Lori Pashnitza).
- "Lights of the Autumn" Oz Carmiel Gallery (Curator: Daniel Hatzbani)
Eshkol Pais Kiryat Motzkin (Curator of Menucha Cohen).-
- "Three Artists Create One World" 4.7.2017 The Mann Auditorium Nahariya (Curator Menucha Cohen).
- "If art does not have a homeland, it has artists" Charles Saint-Saëns. An art exhibition that expresses the place of art in the life of the artist. The exhibition's producer - Moran Yaakobi "Universal Art Gallery" The station complex, building 14, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. 2017.
- "Material and Spirit" Contemporary Israeli Art, 8.3.2018, at the Galerie Paiast Gallery Berlin, Germany, produced by ECI. The Israeli,
Artists Gallery Ramat Aviv, curator and producer Ayelet Amorai- Biran 2018-
A solo exhibition
"Shoshana Roots" 4.5.17 Hand for Defenders Kibbutz Yagur (Curator of Lela Schneider)

I have curated the following exhibitions:
Exhibition of kibbutz artists at the opening of the laundry gallery, 2016.
"Nof Galili" Eshkol Pace Kiryat Motzkin, 2017.
"Three Artists Create One World" at the Mann Auditorium, Nahariya, 2017.

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