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Gino Indino is an experienced Italian fine artist. He specializes in painting with oil on canvas and also acrylics. He is an expert in wrought iron design and base relief sculpture. At present he works from his own studio near the centre of Lecce, Italy.
From 2010 he has worked in close partnership with acclaimed international artist, Patrizia Angelozzi and has exhibited paintings in her gallery, Il Gallo Barocco. During this time he became part of Italy’s ‘Bottega Creativa’, a national organisation for Italian artists. In July 2011, he took part in an outdoor painting promotion – ‘Extemporanea’ for World Art Games, Italy, which was featured on U-Tube. In March 2013 he exhibited in Brindisi and at Bari for ‘Expo Art’. In May 2015 he took part in an exhibiton in Santa Maria de Leuca.
From an early age, Gino has developed his skills in painting and design. Fine art has been a life-long passion, which he has pursued over many years.
From the age of 12 – 14 he attended the Instituto d’Arte, Lecce. After that, he joined a variety of artistic groups, who collaborated to encourage and develop
their own talents.
Following his national service in the Italian navy, where he undertook courses in radio technology and motor mechanics, he took part in a competitive exam for an engineering award by the Fiat factory. The exam showed Gino’s work to be an unusually creative solution to the mechanical problem posed, quite distinct from his competitors. This was at first criticized by the judging engineers but was discovered to work better than the other solutions.
However, he could not take advantage of the offer of a prestigious job with Fiat because of family commitments in Lecce. From 1969 to 1971 Gino worked as a mechanical engineer for OCRIM. From 1971 – 1993, he worked for the Italian National Railway as an engineer. Gino has always felt the need to help others, who were suffering. For this reason he joined the Community of Emmanuel from 1969 to 1983, under the guidance of Jesuit priest, Father Mario Marafiotti. Here he helped with handicapped people and also with drug addicts. In 1980 he won a prize in a competition for religious poetry. During all these years, he always attended art classes and worked on his painting.

The Paintings
His subject matter is varied and includes religious themes, still life and portraits, but his greatest interest lies in painting landscapes and seascapes, which convey a great affection for his beloved Salento. The paintings convey a sense of peace, tranquility and well-being, drawing attention to the beauty of the world which we inhabit. His work is representational, impressionist and expressionist in style, since he seeks to convey his feelings through his art.

Wrought Iron Design
Gino has undertaken some 40 -50 commissions in wrought iron. He has designed and created gates for private houses and prestigious cemetery vaults. He also designs candelabra and decorative bed heads.

Base Relief
His base relief, executed in wax, are intended to be recreated in bronze, terracotta or papier- mache. The subject matter for these is principally figurative, depicting religious themes, ballet dancers and portraits.
For Gino the art of creation is like giving birth. He regards his paintings as his children, with whom he is reluctant to part. This may be because he is totally involved in the creative process from beginning to end. He makes his own canvases and then completes the process by appropriately framing the work.

His works can be viewed on the Gino Indino Facebook page.

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