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Having taught in Primary Schools in East and South-east London as well as Somerset for over 33 years, I discovered that at 55 I could actually retire, so decided to follow my creative instincts, and ‘Busylizzie Art’ came into being. The idea was to share my time between my own artwork and testing the waters with Bespoke Wedding Stationery created from my original paintings, Large-scale Wall Painting and Art Skills Development in Primary Schools.
Five years later, I have, amongst other things, designed and painted numerous areas of large-scale wall art - waves, rolling hills and inspirational quotes along hundreds of metres of school corridors, a ‘Tour de France’ style spinning studio wall, a woodland scene in a Reception Class foyer, a 2m diameter logo in a Sports’ Centre foyer, a playground wall, a child’s surf-style bedroom wall, illustrated a PHSE text and delivered several whole-school staff Art inset days, yet only painted a handful of works for me! Such is life!
However, I have recently begun to find time to explore my own practice and branch out from the safety of the familiar, into the unknown... I have begun to work in a more exploratory way, and in a variety of styles – this is both exciting and rewarding.
In 2016, I become a director of Go Create CiC, Taunton and have co-organised Taunton Live Arts Festival since then, co-ordinating both the Secondary and Primary Schools’ exhibitions. I am currently exploring the theme of “Journeys” with several of the groups and individuals I work with, to create some 2D works for the WAG Children’s Project 2019, which we will exhibit in Taunton before making a selection to travel to Serbia.

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