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CDAC – Capability Development in the Arts and Culture

Capability is about human potential –its autonomous management and development. It is an overall human quality, an integration of knowledge, skills, understanding and personal qualities used appropriately and effectively in unfamiliar as well as familiar situations. Capability involves learning, adaptation, and effective engagement with the circumstances of life, including work and community.

CDAC – Overall goal and objectives

The CDAC Pilot Project will operate, in the first instance, for 5 years.

OVERALL GOAL OF CDAC - Capability Development for the Arts and Culture Project – is to

  • support
  • enhance
  • assist

Arts and Culture Development Professionals and Practitioners in the process of their development of Self – Mastery for the 21st Century.

  • Self-mastery starts with a vision
  • Self-control leads to self-mastery
  • Self-mastery is a life skill
    (Carol Spier – the Stress Guru)

Objectives of the CDAC Project

1. Position capability development and capacity building as central to the Arts and Culture Development for conflict resolution, world peace and harmony through Action Research Methodology

2. Make explicit how capability development and capacity building are relevant pathways to promote conflict resolution, world peace and harmony through Strategic Learning

3. Develop global capability development and capacity building training and education programmes for young and aspiring Artists and Culture Development Professionals and Practitioners at all skill levels.

4. Provide Consultancy and Advice for organisational and personal development for WAG NCs and any other relevant groups and organisations using WAG International resources of global talents of Artists and Culture Development Practitioners and Professionals in all Continents, in over 50 countries (and growing). - In coordination and approval by WAG Head Office.

5. Work in partnerships and in collaboration with leading international and national organisations – the CMI – Chartered Management Institute, UK, the ILM - Institute for Leadership and Management, UK, the London Middlesex University, UK University of Exeter, Centre for Leadership Studies, UK and the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and Chelmsford, UK for example. - In coordination and approval by WAG Head Office.

CDAC Presentation

Download (PDF File)

Pilot project leads:
Mansour Olawale Jumaa, as director

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