Boris Pervan

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Across my life, I have always held a variety of interests simultaneously. Many of which are seemingly unconnected to one another.
During elementary school I participated in model boat and rocket building, amateur radio and photography courses. From these, photography has stuck with me. We taped, developed film and made photographs. They showed us little tricks such is the one of creating a matte effect of a photo on a shiny surface.
Throughout my life I have dabbled in many different areas of interest, across various categories – I played sports and travelled to all continents (except Australia, for now) with a camera always in my hand. Sometimes, a very basic camera. I filmed without a predetermined reason. I took a photograph only for the sake of memory, so sometime in the future I stumble across it, or to entertain my friends with stories and pictures of adventures that they haven’t participated in. These photographs will sometimes evoke a desire for new travels and adventures.

‘’There is a beauty in attaining something real, but there is even greater happiness for a person to have a strong emotion in his or her soul to relive that which in reality would not be able to see and feel. That which has already happened’’.
R. H. Katedralis

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