Goranka Stanic

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Goranka Stanić was born on October 29, 1968, in Našice, Croatia.
She finished primary and secondary school -a mathematically informative, in Našice. Enrolls in Zagreb at the Faculty of Textile Technology (fashion and design of textiles and clothing)
She graduated in 1994 and immediately started working at the School of Arts and Design. She has taught many subjects from Aesthetics, Industrial Design, Computing, Clothing Drawing, Clothing Creation and Accessories, Clothing History, Materials Technology, Textile Fabric Design.
She has mentored many generations in performing creations for fashion shows during her 27 years working at the school. In addition to art, design, and fashion, she is interested in mathematics, physics, chemistry, music, writing stories and songs, and sports. She has had several solo exhibitions in Croatia and internationally.
She has published several professional and scientific papers worldwide, with short lectures on the topics she covered.
She is currently still working at the School of Applied Arts and Design.

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