Iris Vrus

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I have been an artist my whole life, but art is an ongoing process of changes, thus fitting my nature. This time I have created something completely new. Being connected to the sea, I have found joy in little pebbles of all different forms that have washed ashore. I have combined various stones, an ancient alphabet from this region, my different experiences, the art inside of me and added a little magic to come up with a meaning that goes beyond the meaning of the letter itself.
To the pebbles being tossed by the sea and undergoing an alchemy of their own, I add ancient symbols and describe their meanings.
This is the process of creating this Glagolic Alphabet. It is pleasing to the eye and can sometimes be used to provide answers. I have written a short manual so everyone can use these pebbles may receive answers to questions we deem important.
As a little girl I used to play for hours with buttons that my grandmother kept. I made pictures from these buttons of different colors and shapes. When I was finally satisfied with a creation, I would take it apart and start making another image.
Before starting elementary school, I acted in a film ‘’Seventh Continent’ - a piece by a Croatian Oscar winner that left quite an impression on me. In the film, I played the role of a children’s gang leader who gathered all the children of the world with the premise of leaving the world of adults that was a heartless world of cruelty uninterested in children, beauty and goodness. In our imagination we created an island, a continent, and all the children of our planet came to live there. It was called the ‘’Seventh Continent’’.
At moments I feel as I have never left this continent. I make things different from anything ever seen before, look at life from a different perspective, and I am always searching for beauty, goodness and meaning.

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