Anat Ben-Ezra

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I was attracted to art as a child, a desire for creation coming from the heart, a sense of satisfaction.
Sculpture. This is my life in the past decade.
Various techniques and various materials, concrete castings, polyester.
Now I focus on casting in bronze - bronze gives the sculpture eternal life.
My works are in a modern classic style and a realistic approach; through sculpture I express my inner and emotional world.
My sculptures tell a story about the world and the power of a woman ... her movements ... her expressions and feelings.
The fusion with nature.
My uniqueness is something that I draw from a profound depth. I always sculpt the same woman's face. Various plots about one woman.
In every sculpture I leave something of my life, moments of magic, coping, warmth. Dance, passion, relationships, family and power.
It all begins with sketching, where my hands flow freely and lightly.
Then comes the demands of the soul.
And another sculpture is born

Anat a bronze sculpture showcases original art in the world.
Appears in Art Magazines Abroad " Art"
Participates in the artists book "Israeli Art" sponsored by Steimatzky
Appeared on TV shows on Channel 12
In the last two years, many group exhibitions in the United States and various galleries in the country have participated
Participated in the project "70 lamps to ask an entrepreneur under the auspices of Laniado Hospital, all of whose donations contribute to the establishment of a new preterm infant
Member of the Netanya Omni Association.
Anat was born in 1969, a strong and powerful woman, with personal charm and inner emotion, full of giving and helping others.
Loves nature, children, the good life and is full of joy of life.

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