Beatrice ​Bracha Laszlo

National Committee: 
NC Member

Born on May 1947 in Bucharest/Romania I was surrounded by all types of arts, especially the Architecture, Buildings, Sculptures beautiful Parks and wonderful nature.

In 1958 I came to Israel and was exposed to new types of arts, like Bauhaus, oriental & Mediterranean Art. It was only a matter of time when art will burst out of me, finally I began to study at the Institution of Arts “Beit Schneiderman” in Givatayim / Israel, founded by the late famous Artistes Rudi Lehman & Hedwig Grossmann.  I concentrated in sculptures, today the teachers are from “Bezalel Academy of ARTS & DESIGN from JERUSALEM.

Since 2006 I am a member of the Artists Association Givatayim & Ramat-Gan.

I take place in many exhibitions in Tel-Aviv “Tower Gallery”, at the Habima National Theatre Gallery, Ra’anna, Givatayim Theatre Gallerey (every year), Library “Beit-Alon”, Beit-Schneiderman in 2015 I represented  Beit Schneiderman  at the “Digital Arts Festival 40 days around the world” Chattanooga Sister Cities & VSA Tennessee USA.

2003-2014 member of “Lions Israel” affiliated to Lions International located in the U.S.A Worldwide Voluntary Association, 2013-2014 President of Lions Givatyim, 2003-2012 member of “Peace Poster Contest” from 2008 -2012 as Chairman, in this contest children between 11-13 years old draw and express their feelings & thoughts about peace.

Those activities inspired me to sculpture a range of doves. I also designed Emblems, Roll-Ups, Shields, Participant & Award Certificates and artistic Invitations.

I invite you to enjoy my sculptures.

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