Dora Damari

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She studied art at Tel Aviv College of Art, special education at the College of Education in Givat Washington, and at Sapir College. Supervised children's groups, taught at the Ashkelon College, and has worked as a group facilitator, and personal trainer.
She spent 36 years teaching art in high school and junior high school, educating generations of students. Currently manages a studio where she teaches plastic arts, combined with coaching for all age groups, and works with Shikma Prison inmates.

The artist Dora Damari has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country, including:

2000 - Group in cooperation with the "Sikla" association.
2001 - Solo exhibition at Beit Ali in Ashkelon with Georgian curator.
2003 - Group for art teachers at the Mann Auditorium in Ashkelon Curator Miki Banai.
2004 - Group in collaboration with writers from Argentina in Jerusalem.
Organization: "Sikla" Association.
2005 to 2012 - Presented at group exhibitions in Gedera,
Curator Meir Natif
2006 Solo exhibition at the Ashkelon Museum. Curator: Hanna Raviv.
2007 - 2010 Meir Natif participated in a group exhibition in Gedera
2011 - Group as a guest artist at the Sikla Association.
2014 - Solo exhibition at Eshkol Hapais in Ashkelon with curator Tami Sela.
2015 - group at the Artists' Association of Beit Ali Ashkelon with curator Hanna Raviv. Group Exhibition - Be'er Sheva Curator Sara Malka
- Group in Rehovot "Visual Art" gallery with the curator Meir Natif.
2015 - A double exhibition at Beit Silver gallery in Ramat Gan with curator Lori Pashnitza.
2016 - Solo Exhibition in Tel Aviv Towers Curator Lori Pashnitza
2016 Group Exhibition Rubinstein Towers Tel Aviv Curator Lori Pashnitsa
2017 Group Exhibition at ART ABOU Gallery Curator Lee Mor Cohen
2017 - Group Exhibition at Dvir Gallery Orly Curator Racheli Ziv

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