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Halperin Ishayaho (Shaya), born in Israel, 1945.

After full military service, I was a member of a kibbutz for 7 years.
In my professional training, a mechanical engineer.
I worked in engineering design for about 28 years until I retired for early pension, in favor of practicing art.
As part of this experience I studied academic studies at Haifa University and I have a college degree in philosophy and Judaism studies.
I studied for about one year in a sculpture course with the sculptor Dalia Meiri.
From there I began a self-taught career in sculpture when the knowledge and technical experience, together with my studies in philosophy that enriched my critical thinking, formed the infrastructure to fascinating work that continues to this day.
To date I have exhibited in 11 exhibitions, some solo exhibitions and some group exhibitions. I participated in one sculpture festival in the Golan Heights, and my sculpture was presented there.
Two of my large sculptures were bought and located in the Alon Tavor industrial area in the Galilee.
I continue to sculpt almost daily in my workshop, and enjoy every moment of creation.

Participation in events and exhibitions
1. 4.2011 - 'Volcanica' Sculpture Festival in the Golan Heights.
2. 11.2012 - Group exhibition. Theme: 'Female - Male' at the 'Nira' Gallery in Bethlehem in the Galilee. Curator: Orit Ginzburg.
3. 3. 12.2012 - Group exhibition. Theme: 'log in log out' in Beit Shagal - The Artists' House in Haifa. Curators: Solomon Leviev and Victor Lipkin.
4. 3.2013 - Group exhibition. Theme: 'The Fruit of the Tree' at the 'Nira' Gallery in Bethlehem in the Galilee - I presented 5 wooden sculptures. Curator: Nurit Wolfe.
5. 4.2013 - Exhibition of new members in 'Beit Shagal' - The Artists' House in Haifa. I presented 4 stone sculptures.
6. 6.2013 - Group exhibition. Theme: "Outside the Album - Mothers in Israeli Society" as part of the "Mother to Mother" conference at Oranim College.
7. 9-11.2013 - Solo exhibition at the Kiryat Tivon Memorial Center - 'Second Floor' Gallery. Curator: Shachar Marnin Distenfeld.
8. 11.2015 - Exhibition as part of the 'artist wall' project at the Yokneam Theater. Curator: Dafna Doron.
9. 3.2016 - Group exhibition at the 'Habima' Theater-Tel Aviv. Curator: Zimmel Kolker.
10. 11.2016 - Another exhibition as part of the 'artist wall' project at the Yokneam Theater. Curator: Dafna Doron.
11. 4.2017 - Joint exhibition with another sculptor in the gallery at Kibbutz 'Ramat Yohanan'.
12. 6-7.2018 - Solo exhibition at 'Migdal W' Gallery –Tel Aviv. Curator Lori Peshnitsa.

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