Hanna Ben Eliezer Curtis

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I was born in Slovakia (Czechoslovakia) March 8, 1948. Both my parents were holocaust survivors and soon after the state of Israel was established (1948) we immigrated to Israel.
As an only child I grew up in a warm and protecting environment. This being said, I am today aware that the "Second Generation of Holocaust Survivors" Syndrome affected' and still affects many aspects of my life.
I was raised in city of Rishon le-Zion, where I also graduated from high school. During that period of my life I was already creative in art and music, as well as involved in youth movements' activities.
My father passed away when I was 20 years old. He was a known artist at that time and, to this day, this acrylic paintings can still be found in many places in Israel.
During my twenties I studied towards a B.A. degree in the History of Art and Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, while being employed in the Israel Export of Institute. In the following years I continued my studies to get certified as high school teacher, and later also graduated from the University of Clark at Worcester Massachusetts, where I received my M.A. degree in Mass Communication and Education.
My main employment for 24 years was as the Library Manager at the Faculty of Art in Hakibbutzim Teachers Training Collage in Tel Aviv. In that role I dealt with management and information systems, and I was very much involved with research and electronic databases related to art, design and communication. During these years I continued to develop my art and studied various aspects of drawing and painting.
At 2011 I retired from work after my husband passed away. This loss changed my life routine, while the grieving process becoming a kind of leverage for new creative horizon in my art.
Six years ago I discovered I discovered the world of Collage. Symbolically this meant, collecting the broken pieces of my life and building new ideas, where a better world is created by putting together torn pieces of paper.
A few years ago I joined a group of local artists and presented my work in group exhibitions and art fairs. Last June I had my own exhibition at the Efrat gallery in Tel Aviv, where many of my collage were presented. All profits from the exhibition were donated to association for women who suffered sexual assault.
In addition to this, I am also member of an Israeli group of artists called "Tseva Bateva" (color in nature), which is an Israeli version of the impressionist movement. We meet and paint out in nature few times a year at various landscapes around the country.
I am also involved in Genealogy research of family roots. One of my projects was publishing a book dedicated to my late husband's family ancestors' whose routes originate from Iran.

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