Miri Freud Mayblum

National Committee: 
NC Member

A multi-faceted artist, lives and works in Israel, Miri masters many forms of artistic expression, including photography, painting, sculpturing, and ​ embroidery. ​ Her ​art practice is characterized in bold and vivid colors, and demonstrates aesthetic innovation.
Trained in various modalities, Miri is interested in the intersections between the different approaches. While engaging in pure photography, she also does photography embedded drawing and painting, digitally edited photography, and embroidery and photography integrated into fabrics.
Miri’s favorite themes are as diverse as her works. She is fascinated by nature, blooming and wilting, as it manifests in trees, flowers, and human beings. She often captures urban moments, while always giving them her unique interpretation.
Miri’s artwork has been inspired, among others, by ​ Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and the Art Nouveau Movement. Her motivation derives from a needto express her inner self through documenting color and figure in the world surrounding her.

Education & Trainings :
● Holds a Bachelor degree in Education (B.Ed.) and Teacher Certificate from the David Yellin College of Education ("Seminar Beit Hakerem"), Jerusalem, Israel
● Studied Art History, Musicology, Bible and Jewish History at ​ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
● Studied Jewelry Design in ​ The NB Haifa School of Design, Israel
● Studied Charcoal Drawing under Marcel Janco
● Studied Stained Glass Art under Joseph Chaaltiel
● Studied Ceramics under ​ Lea Majaro-Mintz
● Studied Plaster Sculpturing under Ora Chaaltiel
● Studied Drawing and Sketching under Genia Belkine
● Studied Oil and Acrylic Painting under Gitit Harel

Admissions​ :
The Society for Scientific Graphology (Israel) ​ (SSGI), a graphologist since 2001

2019 Group Exhibition, Photography, Ramat-Gan, Israel
1982 Group Exhibition, Oil Paintings, Haifa, Israel

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