Ronit Koren-Illouz

National Committee: 
NC Member

Living in Karmiel city, there I am working and teaching art in my studio.
Finished my curator studies in "Seminar Hakibutzim" college. Have a Bachelors Degree in arts from Haifa University. Studied Art education in "Oranim" College, teaching Art for over thirty years and retired from the education system four years ago.
I am a Multidisciplinary artist; painting in oil, acrylic, watercolour and sculpting in iron mash.
I am a member of the national artists association and a member in Haifa and artists union, And in Karmiel artists union.
I am member of WAG an international union (WORLD ART GAMES ISRAEL)
Over the years, I took part in numerous exhibitions around the country
In September 2019 exhibition in MEXICO I took part with five childrens from Karmiel.
In june 2019 exhibition in Katovich - Poland
In April 2019 participate in ''Festival basalt stone" in Tiberia.
In March 2019 participarting in an exhibition taking place in London, at the "Espacio" gallery.
In January 2019 participated in the "Holocaust" exhibition that took place in Chagall House, Haifa.
In October 2018 I presents a Solo exhibition called "Diagnosis" in Karmiel.
In September 2018 took part in a joint exhibition at the artists House in Haifa.
In August 2018, participated in the exhibition "Israel is 70 years old" in Haifa
In may 2018, curated a Solo exhibition of the artist Meirav kliteinic in Karmiel.
In January 2018 curated solo exhibition of the artist Carlos Dulob in karmiel.
In the year 2017 participated in a joint exhibition in Gallery Ben-Ami Tel-Aviv.
In July 2017 curated a Solo exhibition by the artist Estie Naalie.
In April 2017 i curated an exhibition called "the woman".
In August 2017 I curated an exhibition of both Jewish and Arab artists called in Nazareth.
In January-July, I curated a moving exhibition "neighbors-neighbors" for Northern artists in Misgav junction and the surrounding area, 33 artists took part in this exhibition. it started in Gallery "Zarcashi" in Sachnin, moved to Baum Gallery In Um -El facham, then to Karmiel culture Hall and from there to an "Art gallery" in Tiberias.
In July 2016 I curated an solo exhibition called "cycles" by the artist Mazalit hetzroni-Tabib in karmiel.

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