Shaula Schaham

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I am an eight generations Israeli raised in the town of Hadera. From an early age, I was attracted to painting, spent time painting together with my mother and also studied with a famous artist Yoram Rozov.

During my time in the army I was the secretary to the commander of the camp. I got married before the end of my term, and was accepted to the Art Dept in the University Of Haifa. During the year and a half of my studies, I also sold a lot of painting, and saw my future as an artist, but due to complications in my pregnancy I had to quit my studies. Two years later I was scheduled to have a one woman show in a gallery in Jaffa when the Yom Kippur war broke, and the gallery closed down.

As a result of my frustrations, I turned to interior design, and became an interior designer after graduating from a three year program. Soon after, I left the country to the USA with my husband and two kids, and immediately upon receiving my permission to work, I accepted a position of an interior designer in a furniture store.

Two years later, I opened my own design business in an office in the center of town. It also included selling my paintings to my clients, designing private homes, offices, group homes and getting involved with other designers designing a mention for charity. In this event, my collage was sold immediately after the opening. In addition, I designed area rugs and custom decorative pillows, which were displayed in NYC furniture showroom.

Two years later I expanded my business, and moved to a large store, where in addition to my design studio, I also sold contemporary art and artistic crafts. During these years, I also finished my BA in Psychology. As a result of my divorce a few years later, I moved to Palo Alto Ca, and was hired by a famous furniture chain. At that time, I also pursued my other passion and studied Clinical Hypnotherapy.

A few years later, after my mother got sick, I returned to Israel to take care of her. Since that day I have been living in Israel, and I have became a full time artist coming full circle from my youth. In 2016, I also started the collaboration with the San Francisco based company VIDA where I design scarfs, bags and clothing based on my paintings. In the last few years, I have taken part in many painting exhibitions in Israel and In Germany. In the last twelve years I have done a lot of traveling, which is one of my biggest passions, and a major source of inspiration in my work. I have many plans for future exhibitions, and I plan to continue expanding my horizons and showing all over the world.

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