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Tamar Greenfeld was born in Russia, and lives in Israel.
Retired High School Teacher of Mathematics, BA in Psychology.

Tamar is a ripe Artist in many areas, and masters the various techniques in Art.

In her work she expresses her developed imagination, her feel for esthetics and her inner romantic sensitivity. Referring to the feminine identity in her work, she wraps it in delicate lace which communicates a sense of preserving a precious treasure.
Tamar pays special attention to texture, which she performs perfectly. This adds an atmosphere of intimacy to the painting.
The warm palette, the contrasts between light and shadow and their combinations contribute largely to the human expression of the subjects, and match perfectly to the subject.
Tamar masters the brush strokes on the wide canvas skillfully, confidently, and lightly. She builds out of her inner world unique symbols which waken hidden senses.

Tamar's works express an inner personality that is rich in imagination, and gives intense pleasure.

The paintings of Tamar Greenfeld create atmospheric, quasi-illusionistic spaces from which brief traces of brushwork appear. These strokes form dreamlike images suggesting narrative coherence emerging from unconscious thoughts. The artist paints in layers, producing an illusion of transparency that brings a feeling of softness to her works. Contributing to this element, although more intense, hers is a palette with which Monet may have been comfortable
Greenfeld's figures seem to hang in open air against backgrounds that describe rising movement. Even as they imply reference to physical phenomena, they summarize an extended meditation on abstract form's ability to conjure up ideas, emotions and spaces rousing strong emotions. They exemplify painting's ability to create self-sufficient environments.

In the last years, the artist has developed a new technique using mixed varnishes, gold and silver powder and gold leaves. Her new paintings feature lively and glittering colors. These works represent strong emotions and energy.

Solo and Group Exhibitions:

Tamar has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Israel and worldwide since the year 2000:

Israel Solo exhibitions: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Rishon le Zion and more.

International exhibitions: New York, Paris, Marseilles-France, Ferrara-Italy, Berlin-Germany.

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