Tami Epstein

National Committee: 
Former President

An Israeli artist, painter, lives and creates in the historical city of Caesarea. Born in Israel. Her grandparents were the first settlers in the 18th century in Israel. Her childhood was in the Far East and Africa - Due missions. This affects her art.

Epstein is the owner of an Art, Peace & Spirit center. WWW.TAMI-EPSTEIN.COM http://www.tami-epstein.com/site/index.asp?depart_id=101321&lat=en

A member of the “Painters and Sculptures Association in Israel”.

Studied Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy and Sculpture 7 years in various academic institutions: "meimad", "Hamidrasha", "Avni", " Academia of art Ramat-Gan", "Basis" Tami Have also a B.A in Economics Tel Aviv University, and also studied Philosophy in "Bar Ilan University".

Epstein studied Channeling, Meditation, Theta - Heeling, Numerology, Astrology. Fang - shwi , Tarot, - she uses it all in her art.

Epstein has developed an original technique of painting while channeling, and healing through painting.

“Creating good and positive through art works”

This is her message, which comes out of a strong belief in Optimistic Attitude, and in Positive Thinking’s enormous power to create reality.

Working on the floor, painting on large sheets while channeling, connecting with nature and essence, absorbing, in which all the energies, thoughts, soul and reincarnation are brought out. Some of the paintings are created while being in a meditative state, with closed eyes or/and without looking at the paper. Drawing the inner sensing which dancing is bringing out.

Epstein has developed a method of healing, in which the drawing is a healing tool, drawing while connecting deeply into the inner subconscious - creates a new reality. link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UfarbP15E0

Epstein teaches her special alternative technique of painting in in various frameworks. In this technique Epstein ran an event to create peace in the world it was started in the celebration "300 Days to the Games"

Tami has presented 13 “one man painting exhibition”, and in many group exhibitions, both in EUROPE and in ISRAEL. At “TEL-AVIV ARTISTS HOUSE” “BEIT-SHAGAL”, “OLD JAFFA MUSEUM”, “THE BIBLE MUSEUM”, and many more.

“…From the presentation arising a figure of an ambitious and talented artist…” Yael Noibirt, art curator.

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