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My works deal in the lack of balance between progress and nature, which is manifested especially in the disappearing variety of wildlife. I believe that all the inhabitants of our unique planet are parts of a chain, linked together, and depend on each other. I use mixed media technique on paper, streams of dilute paint are caging blurred trampled animals, women, and birds. I use to go over the paintings with tires of cars and shoes to indicate the conquering of civilization.
In my paintings I want to warn against the inherent dangers, while arousing feelings of wonder on the one hand and anxiety on the other hand.
The killing and poverty in Africa is a theme that concerns me and the abused women and their place or no place in our world.
Above all I am busy now in the craving and demonstrating for peace and agreement in Israel with the movement Women Wage Peace.

I convey my personal philosophy and feelings also in "haiku style" poems.

Ignoring the elegies of earth. 

Wandering birds
from north to south and back,
season after season
millions of miles
no fuel
no flag
no religion and
Caressing the planet
feathers of fraternity.

Dark Continent refugees,
fluttering in a wrathful sea,
hungry, thirsty in paper boats,
or pacing in a burning desert.
Will they survive to

Her Loss
No "Shaheed" title
Neither the crown "Israel's Hero"
will seal the hole dug
in a mother's chest.

Varda Breger was born in Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv. She has displayed her works at more than twenty five solo exhibitions, and she participated in many more exhibitions and international symposiums in Israel and abroad.
She was invited and took part in international symposiums in Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland, Austria and England.
She is a member of the Israel Forum of Ecological Art, the European Artists, and the Tel Aviv Artists and Sculptors Association and was elected to AFC Artists for Conservation, ANF-Artists for Nature and General Union of Writers in Israel
In 2004, she was awarded the Franz Kafka medal for Fine Art by the European Circle Franz Kafka.
In 2011 she was awarded second Leonardo prize for works on paper in the Biennale Chianciano Italy. In 2012 she was awarded first Leonardo prize for works on paper in the International Prize Exhibition Chianciano , Italy.
Honorale Mention in the 2nd art contest 2012 organized by ATRAVITA and sponsored by WORLD WIDE ART BOOKS.
Her book "Planet Of Life" paintings and poems was published in the end of 2012.
Biennale Izmir 2013: 453 artists from 53 countries and Breger won the second prize for painting.
2015 she was awarded the prize for promoting PEACE through ART in the international exhibition of Art Quake Kyoto 2015.
You can see more in her website:

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