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Dr Alex Amphlett, MB ChB, MSc, Artist and Honourary Medical Adviser to WAG n C UK

We are delighted to have, as a member, young and very talented Dr Alex Amphlett.

Alex, who recently qualified as a Medical Doctor (April 2014) from Keele Medical School, Keele University, UK, also received a Distinction (2013) in MSc Biomedical Scientific Research Training with International Placement, for almost a year at the world famous Louis Pasteur Institute, Paris, France.

Alex vividly represents Maya Angelou’s definition of SUCCESS - “liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it”. Alex was, initially, going to University to study for an art degree having attained, at Richard Hush College, Taunton, Somerset, UK, Grade As in: Advanced Level Art and Design; Advanced Level English Language and Literature; at the Bridgwater College, Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, Advanced Level photography and at Somerset College of Art and Technology, Taunton, a Foundation Art Degree with Merit (2007 - 2008).

Despite these achievements in the Arts Alex decided to become a Medical Doctor. and studied for Advanced Level Biology and Advanced Level Chemistry at Richard Hush College, Taunton and attained Grade As (2008).

Dr Amphlett, writes, “Unusually, I am someone from a creative background with a strong interest in science. Hopefully this trait will aid me in my career to achieve innovative approaches to uncover new answers. In addition to the predictable interest in scientific current affairs I have many other intellectual with a particular love of writing, art and drama. I’m less interested in hobbies and more interested in exciting conversation. I gain the most pleasure from knowledge and ideas”.

Alex continued, “I would consider myself well- read and have written extensively with one of my pieces being performed at a local theatre. Artistically, I find post-modernism ridiculous, preferring pre-20th century art particularly the Italian renaissance and the later works of Caravaggio and Bernini. My own work is largely observational such as portraits or still life. I much prefer working in pencil to the mess of paint. In regard to drama, I have had extensive training and performed in many plays before coming to university which really bolstered my confidence and self expression but I realize I far prefer being in the audience!
“I have travelled extensively within Europe and love the excitement of diving into a new cultural environment. I view travelling abroad as a holiday from oneself, an exploration and a challenge of my own more comfortable, familiar traits. I also enjoy getting to grips with a new language and have already done so for Italian and German”

With this background and Alex’s love of the the excitement of diving into a new cultural environment, we look forward to his innovative contributions to the World Art Games and Culture UK. WAG & C UK strategy is configured to focus on the needs and challenges facing Artists and Culture Practitioners within turbulent contexts.  Hence our focus is the development of talent and the stimulation of creativity, innovation and change for both young and mature individuals, able and disabled. It is about improving and promoting health and well-being for a happier life locally, nationally and in a global context through the arts and culture

WAG NC organisations and individuals who are interested to work collaboratively with us and WAG Head Office in these areas should contact, in the first instance, the WAG NC UK President Dr Chief Mansour Jumaa at: worldartgames.uk@gmail.com

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