Elizabeth Earley

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Whilst Elizabeth Earley's work is deeply personal, it speaks to the viewer through the collective unconscious in elemental images and colour, opening a three-way conversation between the artist and the work and between the work and the viewer.Inline image
Created from the Buddhist principle of non attachment Elizabeth covers canvases with pattern and colour, often experienced on her travels. It may be a particular country or city, where certain aspects of that experience are distilled onto canvas. Sometimes beginning with a chosen colour or geometric shape. Circles, squares, meanderings are all here.
The process is a journey of addition and subtraction. The "Letting Go" with each considered step indicating the next one. The reduction often involves covering over the most loved part of the painting. Not an easy step, it takes courage, but a liberating one! So even in the calm areas of the resulting image there is much taking place below the surface.
The parts hidden and the parts revealed.
The works are contemporary yet with qualities which harp back to artists such as Klee and Miro. The haydays of 20th Centaury art.
The dance between pattern and space is intriguing. Where the painting itself takes you on a journey, ultimately bringing you back to yourself.

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