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Jason Caplan is a Graffiti/Expressionist artist, and goes by the name, Hask of the AOK crew. Jason has a BFA degree in painting and drawing form the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Tufts University. His approach to picture making is very much like that of the Abstract Expressionists. He admires painting for paintings sake, non-political, a-thematic, accommodating to mistakes, and in his case, framing them in squares. Each rectangular canvas is divided by an almost invisible row of horizontal and vertical lines. They result in an eye-measured grid of imperfect square blocks. No rulers used here. No geometric formulas applied. Only the trust of his eyes and the deft of his painting hand lay these quasi blocks out, skills learned, no doubt, 'bombing' subway cars in a hurry late at night up in the Bronx. Each uneven square can almost be mistaken for a block type font, a letter, an entire row, or word, or a Graffiti artist's tag (a graffiti writer's signature in marker or spray paint). 'Wildstyle' in graffiti terminology, refers to a complicated construction of interlocking letters and in essence, is the underlying influence of these paintings; a complicated juxtaposition of color coated mass broken down into shimmering fractions across the surface. Furthermore, the base coat, the imprimatura, is never allowed to dry before the final 'blocking-out' is complete, when the final marks are brushed in and the mark making rendered.

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