National Committees

  • NC's president is appointed by the Head office. President invites his associates on the Committee. Number of NC members is a minimum of 5 persons.
  • NC is regular member of WAG international (founder of National Committees) and commit himself to pay a yearly fee to the WAG international - Head Office. Amount of the fee, per member of NC, will be determined for every year, by Head office.
  • National Committee should register, create a seal, and open a bank account.
  • National Committee may with the permission of the Head office to create a national logo with the symbols of their country, using the basic logo of the WAG.
  • National Committee select and invites artists from their country to participate in the Games, according to the rules which determine the Head office.
  • National Committee collaborate with their government, relevant ministries and the Embassy of their State in Croatia. From them they are seeking funds for their work. Budget got from governmental institution 90% belong to NC, and 10% goes to International WAG Head office for organization and coordination. According the budget NC will decide how many artists and from which artistic field can send to the Games. Other solution is that artists representing culture of their State cover the requested amount for the Games, by themselves. It is an honour to be a member of the National Cultural Team.
  • NC can seek funds from various sponsors/donors in their own country, too. Then, 70% of funds obtained that way remains in NC, and 30% have to be paid to the Head office, for using the brand of WAG, for commercial purposes.
  • NC lobbying and promote the idea of the project to the media in their country.
  • Between two Games, NC invite and select Artists from their Country to participate in all kinds of artistic/cultural/educational events organized by WAG Head office.
  • NC can propose to organize international cultural event in their country, with request to the head office to invite all National Committees
  • NC proposes particularly meritorious for the implementation of the project to the Head office for praise or rewards.
  • President of NC is obliged - until March 31st to send report for previous year, to the Head office about the work had done by the NC (cultural activities, media coverage, the annual financial report).
  • At the invitation of the Organization should submit reports more frequently - if it is necessary.
  • The cancellation deadline for the President of NC is 30 days. The President may propose his successor.
  • NC propose to Head office members for Advisory Board and Honorary Board of WAG, from their country.

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