100 Days Till The Games

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 (All day) to Thursday, March 21, 2013 (All day)

24 hours program (internet broadcast), continuously from the Head Quarters central studio, with Video conference inclusions of National Committees ("national studio's"), according to time zones (from New Zealand to Chile)

PROGRAM will be (NC can choose to participate in some, or all this, or to propose us something note noted here):
• Raising the flags of participating countries (dimensions of 50 x 100 cm, we ask every NC to send us National flag)
• Short promo films (NOTE BELOW)
• Conversations in Studio's (possible participants in Studio: National Committee members, ministers of culture, artists registered participants for the Games, journalists, .....)
• Direct transfer of a press conferenceses from NC's Studio
• Direct transfer of special NC's cultural / artistic happenings, or a short films about the events which the Committees had organized (few days before) to mark 300 days until the Games
* National cultural heritage,
* etc.

SHORT PROMO FILMS (one minute long):
NC's are invited to make at least one short promo film as an announcement / advertisement for the WAG in own State and participation on the Games.
Themes and techniques are free - according to your choice. Important is only that film have to serve in promotion of the Games and to have the feature of the country of domicile NC.

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