2nd World Art Games - Short Report

2nd GAMES were successfully held from September 1st-9th 2015, in Bratislava (Stare Mesto) - Slovakia

In Slovak capitol, WAG presented artists from 42 states.
The following art disciplines were presented:

  • painting
  • graphics
  • sculpting
  • photos
  • ceramics
  • jewelry
  • literature
  • poetry
  • music
  • performance
  • architecture & design
  • fashion

The program was enriched with:

  • WAG Netherlands project "WAG friends of the children"
  • few distinguished lectures about art

For the first time, WAG HQ gave medals for artistic achievements per art disciplines, awards for outstanding national committees and members, and lifetime achievement awards.


    • Lisa Wilkins Pirika (New Zealand) for Painting
    • Irfan Hozo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) for Graphics
    • Dervis Ergun (Turkey) for Sculpting
    • Nawal Salah Eldin (Oman) for Photos
    • Leon Strous (Netherlands) for Ceramics
    • Erling Kittelsen (Norway) for Literature
    • Savana Vakabe (Ivory Coast) for Poetry
    • Rajna Ognjenović (Austria) for Music
    • Corinne Alexis Hall (USA) for Fashion
    • Ava Avione (USA)
    • Mathis Mathisen (Norway)
    • to NATIONAL COMMITTEES - Austria, Azerbaijan, Chile, Finland, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, USA
    • to DISTINGUISH PERSON - Mr. Stjepan Mesić (WAG Honorary Board` member, President of the Republic of Croatia from 2000-2010), Mr. Sajad H. Hamdani (Co-President of WAG India, author of the medals - 2015), Dr. Chief Mansour Olawale Jumaa (Director of WAG Department for Education and Culture Development), Paul Tiilila (Former President of WAG National Committee - Finland), Mrs. Kirsti Salonen (President of WAG National Committee - Finland), Mrs. Jules Hunt (President of WAG National Committee - New Zealand), Mrs. Sharlene Schmidt (Former President of WAG National Committee - New Zealand), Mrs. Jadranka Klabučar Gros (President of WAG National Committee - Austria), Mr. John R Kazanjian (President of WAG National Committee - USA), Mrs. Bikkel (WAG Promoter in Netherlands)

The Games were opened by Mr. Stjepan Mesić, President of the Republic of Croatia (2000-2010), with his speech:

"Dear guests, artists, organizers and hosts; dear friends.
Today, I have the honor to open the 2nd WORLD ART GAMES. I am proud that the idea of the WAG was conceived in my country as well as the fact that the Head Office of the whole Organization is located in Croatia. I am also pleased that the 2nd GAMES are now in Slovakia – a country we share friendly connection with, through history.
At these GAMES, as well as the previous which were held in Croatia in 2013, there are artists from many countries, from all continents. It is living proof that art is an universal language which connects people regardless of their ethnic or racial origin or political affiliation and that is exactly what is stated in the preamble of WAG founders.
Artists and art itself were reflection of situation in societies throughout history. This initiation of creating an international artistic community is affirmation of art, but even more – it is the path to improvement of relations among people and nations. I hope you will succeed in your noble intention and desire to establish such unity in diversity.
I want to fully support WAG organization and I will do my best to gather support from other former Heads of States. My wish is to involve them in WAG Honorary Board, so they can contribute with their names and statuses to spread the idea and mission of the organization.
WAG already includes more then 60 countries with their national committees and I believe that in time other countries will join as well.
Next GAMES will be held in San Diego –United States, in 2017, and it is on organizers and you, Presidents and members of National Committees, to work on it that we gather there in even greater number.
WORLD ART GAMES organization is modelled as the Olympic organization. As we know, Olympics also started modestly, with only 12 countries participating at the first Olympic Games, with only 6 sports disciplines. I am glad that the WAG had more artists from more countries participating even at the 1st GAMES, and it is continuity proven right here in Bratislava. Additional quality of these Games are lecturers from different fields, with themes that will partially include theory of art and even science.
The novelty in the 2nd WORLD ART GAMES are medals and awards for individual artistic categories, lifetime achievements and special thanks to outstanding national organizations. I recognize that as proof of strengthening of organization. My wish and hope are that the WAG organization will keep on growing in members and that their work will help in affirmation of individual artists as well art in general.
I wish you success and hereby declare open the 2nd WORLD ART GAMES, in Bratislava!"

Games were held in good and friendly atmosphere. Letter of Mrs. Nawal Salah Eldin (President of WAG Oman), approve the spirit of the Games:

"After resting a little bit I want to share with you my experience in 2nd WAG in Bratislava .. I came to the event worried about setting with people who are different in many things; coming from different fields of art and different countries with different colors and believes but somehow I was surprised to find out that does not exist .. All of us were united by the idea of love , we all love what we do we came with open minds and hearts to take a glance on what others can create and to learn from each other ; those who have great experience shared with other their lifetime experience .. No one missed an opportunity to tell the other that he/she did well.. And many people helped me to be one of the group either by little chats over dinner or conversations about each other work; I liked how people were not just accepting the differences but trying to understand it . Encouragement , support and cooperation and above all the passion to make a change are really what makes this organization unique. From my point of view this is what we can call a real cultural project."


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