WAG book of poems for children

We announce project of publishing - WAG book of poems for children.

National Committees will select, by the proposition:

• 2 modern living poets from their Countries

• Each poet can participate with only 1 poem

• Poem has to be written for children

• Poem has to bi written on original native language, and sent to us for publishing with English version, too

• Poet renounces the authorization of the Croatian translation, which will be made

• Poem has to be long max. 1 page of the book, standard size

• CV and photos of the poet, should be sent with the poem, too

• Deadline is - the end of this year (December 31st 2011)

Due to the workload of translation and preparation, Book will be published in the beginning of 2013, before the first Games.

Book will be published in the form to present Country, National Committee and Poets (shortly about Country, WAG NC, and 2 poets with poems - per Country) original language – English version - with Croatian translation, too.

That will be also good promotion for the Games (May 2013).

With 56 States included, till December 2011 will be even more, that will be representative edition.

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