"BRIDGES OF FRIENDSHIP"​, anthology of poems

"BRIDGES OF FRIENDSHIP"​, anthology of poems
​ / in this project, WAG supports INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS CLUB

In 2016 will be published a book "BRIDGES OF FRIENDSHIP"​, anthology of poems, published on Croatian and Slovenian language.

If you want to participate, follow this instructions:


  • deadline for submission December 31st 2015
  • themes: love and friendship
  • by author maximum 3 poems
  • written on English, French, Spanish, German, Slovenian or Croatian language (all poems will be translated to Croatian and Slovanian)
  • publisher INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS CLUB, President Mrs. Milka Knežević
  • poems have to be sent to WAG HQ: info@wagames.org
  • ​Open call for writers and poets.
    National Committees are free to invite poets from their states, to participate.

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